Orbi satellite setup steps to sync Orbi satellite with router via orbilogin.com login panel

Orbi Satellite Sync Failed Or Orbi Won’t Connect To Satellite

Orbi satellite sync failed or Orbi satellite not connecting to router? Trying to configure an Orbi satellite with a router using orbilogin.net login panel. But, after several attempts, unable to add satellite to Orbi router. Orbi satellite offline error indicates Orbi satellite setup goes wrong. 

Follow the steps to connect orbi router to satellite and learn how to sync Orbi satellite to router using orbilogin.com login.

How To Connect or Sync Orbi with Satellite using orbilogin.com?

connect Orbi router to satellite if Orbi satellite keep showing magenta LED and not connecting to WiFi

To sync Orbi satellite to Orbi router manually or using orbilogin.net web portal. Follow below mentioned steps to connect orbi satellite to ORBI WIFi network.  

  • Place the orbi router to near the satellite and connect the satellite to a Orbi WiFi network
  • Wait until the LED turns white and watch its behavior and check its behaviour.
  • If it flashes – it means that the satellite has started and if it shows solid LED- it indicates that Orbi satellite setup process is started ready to sync orbi router to satellite.
  • Press the satellite button and after two minutes press the sync button on orbi router and wait for the syncing process.
  • It takes 6 minutes for the white LED under the satellite to connect to the router
  • The white LED will change color for three minutes and then turn off during the sync process.
  • It will turn blue to indicate that the two devices are compatible and the connection is successful.
  • Amber LED on Orbi satellite indicates that Orbi satellite connected to router and synced properly. 
  • If Orbi flashes purple or magenta LED indicates ORBI satellite sync failed and Orbi not connected to satellite.
  • The LED on bottom of Orbi satellite should be blue after Orbi satellite connected to router and Orbi satellite synced properly. 

Read further to fix Orbi satellite not connecting router or WiFi using orbilogin.net admin panel. And easy steps to resolve Orbi satellite sync failed error.

Orbi Not Syncing To Satellite Via Orbilogin.net

Orbi WiFi network can be accessible with Orbilogin.net and Orbilogin.com, which is default web portal of Orbi router.  This means you can find and manage your orbilogin.net login panel setting at http://orbilogin.net and visit http://orbilogin.com to access and manage and setup Orbi router settings.

To increase the usability of Orbi, enter the default web address in your browser. You can reach the orbilogin/admin page after entering the correct address and login information.

If orbilogin.com and orbilogin.net not working for some reason, you can try to find the page using the internet address protocol.

My Orbi Not Connecting Satellite? What To Do?

Orbi is not connected to satellite. If Orbi satellite connection is incorrect, follow the simple steps below.

  • Search the ‘Sync’ button at the rear of Orbi satellite and press it.
  • It will connect Orbi Wi-Fi to satellite
  • Also need to press ‘Sync’ button on router too.
  • Getting Orbi satellite ‘Offline’ error or Orbi can’t connect to satellite. It indicates in Orbi satellite sync failed to ensure the latest firmware update from orbilogin.net login panel.
  • Also, observe the behaviour of white LEDs on the router.

Still can’t connect to orbi satellite and want to add satellite to ORBI WiFi? Call the experts to sync Orbi WiFi satellite.

Orbi Satellite goes Offline

If the newly updated orbi satellite is turned off in the central region immediately after the full setup of the synchronization process, you may have a problem accessing the Internet.

If the message “No Internet access” appears, restart the satellite modem to resolve the issue. Check the distance between the WiFi router and satellite try the steps above. This may or may not be helpful if you do not want to consult an orbi configuration expert.

Orbi Satellite Setup: Steps To Setup Orbi router to satellite using orbilogin.net

Orbi satellite setup steps to sync Orbi satellite with router via orbilogin.com login panel

If you want to install Orbi satellites, here are the simple solutions. Just follow these steps.


  • Disconnect the satellite modem and replace the battery fuse
  • Plug the modem back in and use an ethernet cable to connect the satellite to the orbi router on the yellow port.
  • Plug the router into a power outlet and turn it on
  • Wait until the router light turns white and the white LED flashes white
  • Place the satellite in a central location with better WiFi protection
  • Turn on the satellite modem and wait for the white LED light to turn the magenta pulse. It only takes a minute
  • The magenta satellite’s pulse changes to blue, magenta, and amber and then turns off
  • These lights show good connection and Orbi satellite sync. 
  • Now connect your mobile phone and computer to your Wi-Fi network with a router or satellite using your network name and password
  • Can be connected with ethernet cable
  • Now visit http://orbilogin.net or http://orbilogin.com or download to complete the network setup.
  • The router LED will turn off when the Orbi satellite installation is complete.

With these easy steps connect an Orbi router to satellite and fix Orbi satellite sync failed issue.

Using orbilogin.net sync orbi router with satellite or connect orbilogin.net to satellite

Orbi Satellite won’t Connect to Devices

It is important to turn off and restart connected devices. If the Orbi satellite is not connected to the device, follow the steps below.

  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting the devices to see if they are on the latest Orbi Satellite.
  • Also try connecting different devices from different parts of the space.
  • Try restarting the satellite modem
  • Test the network and signal strength.

If you still cannot connect Orbi router to satellite device, call a service technician to help you in sync Orbi satellite with WiFi router.

Orbi satellite Sync Failed and Cant connecting To Router

If you are having trouble syncing your Orbi satellite, we recommend restarting your modem moving the router closer to your modem. Follow the procedure described above.


These steps really help you to how to sync Orbi satellite. If you continue to have problems, call an orbi login and setup specialist.

Orbi Router not Connecting Satellite Or cant detect Orbi router

Orbi router sets a successful connection but if your orbi router not connecting satellite and orbi satellite sync failed after several trials then follow these steps to connect Orbi router to satellite:


  • At the back of ORBI router, there is ‘Sync’ button, Press it. 
  • Ensure that you are pressing the Orbi satellite sync button at the same time. 
  • Keep close the satellite and WiFi router, this will help in fix orbi satellite sync failed process.
  • Do check LED behaviour during Orbi satellite setup. 

After trying these steps still facing trouble in connecting Orbi router to satellite, then you need to contact orbilogin and setup experts to help you with Orbi satellite setup and orbi satellite sync with router.